Conference Confidential

Building a unique and informative conference is essential to the MWC experience. That’s why the GSMA has created the Conference Confidential Blog to keep you up to date on all things conference-related, here you will find all the latest news, processes, interviews, keynote information, session formats, event updates, award news, announcements and much more. Discover all the in-depth conference coverage you want at the tips of your fingers!

There are so many great posts on the blog that discuss the central issues that are happening within the technology community today – all this from our event speakers from MWC19 to m360 presenters.

The MWC19 event themes have been released, this will help you navigate the event and guide you to whats important to you.

Currently you’ll find a ton of info on the GLOMO awards, find details on who can win, why you should apply and deadline info. Good luck!

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