Mobile Tech

Best Mobile Network Infrastructure

Huawei for Huawei 5G Ready Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Radio Family The judges said – “An impressive step forward for this vendor. It takes the single RAN concept into the 5G era bringing significant capex and opex savings to its mobile operator partners.”

Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough

JOINT WINNERS IN THIS CATEGORY Huawei for Huawei 5G Ready CloudAIR Solution The judges said – “Cloudification of the RAN is still in early stages, but the actual benefits in commercial deployments helped to separate this entry from the others.”

Best Network Software Breakthrough

Huawei for Huawei 5G Core solution: Service Oriented Core (SOC) The judges said – “With its significant reduction in service rollout time, it’s slashing of memory usage, and halving of energy consumption, this is a deserving winner.” Huawei’s 5G Core solution, based


Best Mobile Authentication & Security Solution

Evolved Intelligence for Signalling Firewall The judges said “Supporting both group and individual operator requirements, this delivers excellent levels of protection while requiring no replacement or upgrade as networks evolve.  Protecting against fraud, it enables operators to provide security as

Outstanding Mobile Technology Award – The CTOs’ Choice

Huawei for 5G Ready CloudAIR Solution


Best Mobile Operator Service for Consumers

Reliance Jio & Cisco for Jio Mobile Broadband and Digital Services The judges said – “Affordable and accessible, this partnership is driving digitisation while reducing the cost per gigabyte by 93 per cent.” Jio launched World’s Largest All-IP Network partnering

Best Mobile Service for the Connected Life

ZTE for ZTE Smart Parking Solution The judges said – “This best in class service seamlessly bridges the physical and digital worlds for a contextual and intelligent experience that has catalysed a number of assisted use cases.” ZTE Smart Parking

Best Use of Mobile Marketing

JOINT WINNERS IN THIS CATEGORY PHD Online for Spreading love on LINE The judges said – “Making the most of consumers’ messaging behaviour, this effectively raised the brand’s awareness and helped make it relevant to a wider audience.” The campaign

Most Innovative Mobile App

SMARTIFY and MOBGEN, part of Accenture Digital for SMARTIFY The judges said – “A free app, this leverages Augmented Reality to connect and extend audiences, provide visual and audio information and make the target sector more accessible to all.” Smartify

Best Overall Mobile Consumer Innovation (Judges Choice)

Ada for Ada The judges said – “This conversational interface app has had a real impact in this space, providing a direct service and support – one of the few of its kind that has generated real mass market traction.”

Fourth Industrial Revolution

Best Mobile Innovation for Enterprise

SK Telecom & uLikekorea for LiveCare The judges said – “The winning application demonstrates the importance of combining innovative technology with a firmly grounded use case, with immediate and longer-term benefits.” LiveCare is a low-power, long-range LoRa-based IoT service that

Best Mobile Innovation for Health

KT for KT Digital Healthcare Solution & Platform “m-Hospital” The judges said – “A true innovation that democratises healthcare by providing timely, reliable diagnosis using a hub and spoke model, enabling access to quality healthcare even in remote areas.” While

Best Mobile Innovation for Education

Safaricom & Eneza Education for Shupavu 291 The judges said – “A remarkably accessible innovation with broad reach, this affordable service is proving that effective mobile services can have a hugely positive impact on education levels.” Shupavu291 is a mobile Short

Best Mobile Innovation for Automotive

Cisco for Cisco Jasper Control Center 7.0 for Connected Cars The judges said – “Understanding the data usage is the basis for delivering relevant services and new revenue streams – this enables car manufacturers to leverage the information and build

Best Mobile Innovation for Payment

Samsung for Samsung Pay The judges said – “Highly secure, widely available, accepted almost anywhere that you can tap or swipe a card, ATM compatibility and an integrated awards programme – a worthy winner.” Samsung Pay is a simple and

Best Mobile Innovation for Commerce

Whisbi for Whisbi Conversational Commerce Solution for Enterprises The judges said – “Provides an engaging online experience more akin to a brick and mortar business, with real-time personalised services and a more streamlined purchasing process.” Our solution simulates an in-store

Best Mobile Innovation for Smart Cities

Huawei for Huawei NB-IoT Smart City Solution “An excellent entry that shows how to integrate many connected services into an effective realisation useful to all” Huawei has cooperated with MNOs and partners in a dozen NB-IoT projects worldwide. They show immediate

Smart City Award (Judges Choice)

Bristol The judges said – “An ambitious programme that has resulted so far in a strong IoT network test bed and a city operations centre that is beginning to make a real impact on broader city policy.” Three networks are


Best Smartphone 2017

Apple for Apple iPhone X The judges said – “Our vision has always been to create an iPhone that is entirely screen. One so immersive the device itself disappears into the experience. And so intelligent it can respond to a

Disruptive Device Innovation Award

Apple for Apple TrueDepth Camera The judges said – “This new category saw numerous technology innovations centred on mobile devices considered by the judges. After much deliberation, Apple’s TrueDepth Camera (and associated sensors) emerged as the clear winner. Although facial

Best Wearable Mobile Technology

Bragi for The Dash Pro The judges said – “A good quality, innovative product from the company that pioneered the hearables product category. It is a significant enhancement to the original and also brings some meaningful differentiation to the market.”

Best Connected Consumer Electronic Device

BullGuard for Dojo by BullGuard The judges said “This is intersecting a critical market need at exactly the right time. In the days of waning personal privacy and rising adoption of smart home devices, more people want to fight back,

Content & Media

Best Mobile VR or AR

Samsung for Samsung Gear VR with Controller The judges said – “This offers the most complete experience, and the manufacturer has benefited greatly from its partner strengths to deliver a large choice of rich content.” The Gear VR with Controller

Best Mobile Video Content

Reliance Jio Infocomm for “JioTV enabling Jio Digital Life” The judges said – “In a country where less than half the population has access to television, this is delivering a wide range of channels with a unified and personalised experience.”

Best Mobile Game

Kabam for Transformers: Forged to Fight The judges said – “Appealing to fans across the generations, this is designed for ease of use on mobile devices, proven by its millions of downloads.” Transformers Forged to Fight is an all-new free-to-play

Best Content and Media Innovation (The Judges’ Choice)

Netflix for Stranger Things: The Games Get ready to collect all the Eggos you can find in Netflix’s new “Stranger Things” mobile game — fashioned as a console-game throwback, users must solve puzzles, taking advantage of the unique abilities of

Social Good

Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets

Huawei for RuralStar Connectivity Solution The judges said – “Low power with a choice of sources, low TCO, easy to install with minimal site preparation, new battery technology and security features, this ticks all the emerging markets benefits boxes.” Huawei RuralStar Connectivity

Best Mobile Innovation for Women in Emerging Markets

Cassava Fintech (Econet Wireless Zimbabwe) & Mahindra Comviva for EcoCash Savings Club The judges said – “Increases access to savings and financial security for women. Innovative, with a clear business strategy, commercial viability, sustainability and thoughtful implementation.” Across the world,

Best Mobile Innovation supporting Emergency or Humanitarian Situations

Ericsson & UN World Food Programme for Ericsson Response (Caribbean 2017) The judges said – “This shows the massive difference it makes when technology companies and their employees put their skills, tech and money to good use. It’s a taste

Best Use of Mobile for Accessibility & Inclusion

Microsoft for Microsoft Seeing AI – Talking Camera for the Blind Community The judges said – “A unique and intuitive user experience using real-time artificial intelligence not only within this app but to make other apps accessible and inclusive.” Seeing

The Green Mobile Award

Huawei for Zero-Footprint TubeStar Solution The judges said – “New thinking that eliminates the need for equipment rooms or air conditioners – a reduced carbon footprint macro site showing how telcos are contributing to a green and sustainable world.” Huawei

Outstanding Mobile Contribution to the UN SDGs

eWATERpay, Eseye Ltd & Selcom for eWATERpay The judges said – “An exceptionally innovative example of how a technology application can have a sustainable and positive impact on the most critical and basic of human needs.” eWATERpay is a low cost,

Government Excellence Awards

Government Leadership Award

The Government of the Republic of Estonia The Award recognises the policy approaches adopted to support the deployment of mobile services, particularly in relation to the provision of fibre backhaul in rural areas and the strong promotion and rapid development

Chairman’s Award for Government Innovation in an Emerging Market

Telecommunications Regulatory Commission – Jordan The Award recognises the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission’s (TRC) willingness to engage positively with the mobile industry and its support for ideas to encourage continued and sustained investment in mobile broadband networks. With the support of

Outstanding Achievement

Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry

The GSMA’s award for “Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry” recognises individuals, companies and organisations that have contributed in significant ways to the development of our industry and the advancement of mobile communications. The winner of the GSMA’s 2018 award

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