Women4Tech Inside Track: Rock Your Profile

Time: 10:00 – 12:00

Unleash the power of your profile and seize this opportunity to enhance your influence. The Women4Tech Inside track , will guide you on proven strategies to maximize your personal profile and social skills to boost your success!

Mobile Connect: The rise of digital identity

Time: 12:30 – 14:30

Hosted by the GSMA Identity team, this seminar will focus on the consolidation and growth of Mobile Connect as a successful identity service offered by the mobile operators around the globe. The seminar will capitalise on the strongest advancements in identity in the past year, and how Mobile Connect steps up to deliver to these. The seminar will highlight live services and upcoming launches, showing how Mobile Connect is fast becoming a truly global contender in the identity market.

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RCS Business Messaging: Intelligently Transforming Consumer Experiences

Time: 15:00-17:00

Consumers are driving digital transformation as they seek to enhance and simplify their lives, connecting with brands that deliver what they want at exactly the moment they need it.

RCS Business Messaging enables consumers to interact with all of their brands in one place, their native messaging app. Fully branded interactive rich experiences are personalised and trusted resulting in the highest levels of customer satisfaction and increased sales.

The GSMA’s Future Networks Programme and our sponsor, Interop Technologies, are pleased to invite you to the RCS Business Messaging Seminar at MWC Barcelona 2019. Hear from key players in the industry who will discuss the current state of play of RCS and the Business Messaging market; the incredible results of live RCS campaigns; the commercial opportunities and market potential of this platform; the strategic vision for RCS, and much more.

Pre-registration is now open. Please submit your details here to pre-register your place at the RCS Business Messaging Seminar.

Mobile for Development: Catalysing partnerships to support the digital economy

Time: 17:30 – 19:00

Over the last two decades, platform-based business models have become a key enabler of the digital economy. From e-commerce to ride-hailing and food delivery, the world is increasingly embracing digital platforms for the delivery of services which are often enabled by underlying payments capabilities.

In this context, many mobile money providers are transitioning towards a “payments as a platform” model, connecting consumers and businesses with a range of third-party services to meet their evolving needs. Major mobile network operators’ launch of a cross-border interoperable payments initiative, Mowali, is one of several steps in this direction. By transforming the mobile money model into a digital platform for the delivery of various goods and services, a platform approach will contribute to the economic empowerment of individuals, communities and businesses.

What will it take to get us from where we are today to a more integrated platform economy? How should the traditional business model change to create diversified revenue streams? How will the platform approach transform the way the needs of the underserved are addressed?

Join us as we explore these questions and unveil the latest industry trends to emerge from the 2018 State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money.

#BetterFuture Seminar: Progressive Leadership in the Digital Age

Time: 09:00 – 10:30

Digitalisation is spearheading the fourth industrial revolution and a new pedigree of leadership is required to succeed in this advancing technological climate. To prosper within this digital age, leaders need to be mindful of the dual commercial pressures before them. Whilst retaining strong relationships with shareholders and investors, businesses need to accommodate the increasing consumer demands to implement responsible practices and sustainable policies.

Join us to explore how:

  • Industry leaders are aligning their strategies to respond to today’s most pressing global challenges.
  • A purpose-driven private sector is leading the way for sustainable and responsible business practices, while not compromising financial returns.
  • Innovation and multi-stakeholder partnerships are conducive to transformative impact, especially among those who need it the most.
  • For more information please visit the #BetterFuture seminar webpage. Capacity is limited; register before Friday, 22 February to secure priority access.

    The Internet of the Skies – Connecting Drones

    Time: 11:00 – 12:30

    This GSMA seminar at MWC19 explores real life case studies, demonstrating the capabilities of mobile networks and how these are positively benefiting the drone industry. Hear views from a wide panel of ecosystem experts on how mobile communication can help the internet of the skies.

    Key topics include:

    • The support of safe BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) and autonomous operation of unmanned aircraft (UA)
    • The use of mobile connectivity to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of UA, by enabling BVLOS operation, supporting real-time data transmissions from on-board cameras and sensors
    • Mobile connectivity requirements for registration and identification, flight planning and approval, the transmission of meteorological information, geo-fencing, geo-caging and tracking.


    The future of digital identity: from revolutionary technologies to social acceptance

    Time: 13:00 – 15:00

    It’s been a tempestuous year in digital identity with major breaches hitting the press on an almost weekly basis. Hosted by the GSMA Identity team, this seminar will look at some of the latest research in user behaviours when managing and sharing their identity details online and how the mobile industry is working with the industry to addressing some of these challenges to enhance trust in digital trust services and the protection of its users’ identity online.

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    Future Proofing the Internet of Things – IoT Security Today and Tomorrow

    Time: 15:30 – 17:00

    Without security, today’s vision for the Internet of Things cannot become tomorrow’s reality. If customers cannot trust that their smart door locks, energy meters or smart home speakers are secure, and their personal data is at risk of being stolen or tampered with, the IoT cannot exist. To unlock the full potential of the market, IoT devices and services must be secured, and companies have to take responsibility to embed security from the beginning and at every stage of the service lifecycle. This seminar brings together leading industry experts from across the ecosystem and sheds light on current best practices as well as future developments and security mechanisms.

    The topics covered include:
    IoT Security Today

  • A live demonstration on hack recovery
  • A live hack highlighting current vulnerabilities
  • Industry code of conducts, standards, guidelines and assessment processes
  • IoT Security Tomorrow

  • Future certification developments within Europe
  • SIM-based IoT security solutions
  • Speakers

    • Ian Smith
      IoT Security Lead
    • Remy Cricco
      Chairman of the Board
    • PwC
    • AT&T
    • ENISA
    • ElevenPaths

    Mobile for Development: From challenge to impact – how to reach women at scale

    Time: 08:30 – 10:30
    Seminar Theatre 2

    Join us for the launch of our “Mobile Gender Gap Report” and hear how our Connected Women Commitment partners are accelerating digital and financial inclusion for women, reaching over 12 million women and counting. A significant gender gap in mobile phone ownership and usage in low- and middle-income countries, particularly for more transformational services such as mobile internet and mobile money services, is hindering growth for the mobile industry and means women are missing out. Learn what our new research and data says as we share our latest figures on the size of the mobile gender gap and explore the key issues and opportunities as well as progress that has been made. Hear also how our partners they are working to realize the significant commercial and social opportunity of greater digital and financial inclusion for women and network with others who are tackling this challenge. When women thrive, societies, businesses and economies thrive.

    Privacy in the Era of Intelligent Machines:
    Designing AI solutions that protect people’s privacy and data

    Time: 09:00 – 10:30
    Seminar Theatre 1

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to revolutionise our daily lives: from AI-powered virtual assistants that help us to navigate the internet, to AI-powered machines that serve our consumer, health or other needs. AI will also drive more efficient industrial processes, delivering smarter networks and better products and services at reduced costs.

    Organisations seeking to harness the power of AI must first consider the ethical implications of this new capability. In particular, the ability of algorithms to learn at a speed which far surpasses human capacity could have detrimental consequences for our privacy, for example by re-identifying individuals from previously anonymous datasets or by developing ever more accurate profiles of our preferences and behaviours.

    Conversely, AI could be leveraged to enhance our privacy by providing organisations with the means to understand potential risks of harm to individuals or by helping individuals to assert their own preferences and permissions on their digital interactions with people and businesses.

    So how can organisations get the best out of AI without introducing new privacy risks? This session will bring together mobile industry leaders, innovators, researchers and policymakers to share experiences and discuss best practice for designing privacy into AI-powered solutions.

    Places are limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Register before 9:00 on Tuesday 26 February to gain priority access to this session. Priority lane access closes 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.

    Mobile for Development: The Next 30 Years – Building an Inclusive Digital Future

    Time: 11:00 – 12:30

    The World Wide Web, 30 years old in, has revolutionised our global society at unprecedented speed. Given to the world for the good of humanity by its founder Sir Tim Berners Lee, the internet makes life-enhancing information and services available at the touch of a button, and mobile technology brings it into the palms of our hands. The mobile industry contributes $3.6 trillion to global GDP and Gallup research shows that mobile ownership combined with internet connectivity increases how individuals rate their own well-being. Mobile connectivity drives innovation and reduces inequalities in our world.

    This seminar will showcase new innovations enabled by mobile internet and look at what the mobile industry, governments and development partners can do to ensure the next 30 years of the internet brings its benefits to everyone.

    Beyond Connectivity – Operator IoT Capability

    Time: 13:30 – 15:30

    This GSMA seminar at MWC19 explores new mobile operator roles for IoT services and platforms beyond connectivity. Key insights will be provided on emerging capabilities and trends which enable revenue growth in the IoT industry, including the use of technology enablers such as distributed ledgers, machine learning and edge computing.

    Future Networks: 5G Cloud XR Summit

    Time: 16:00-18:00

    Extended Reality (XR) refers to the spectrum of technologies that combine computer generated Virtual elements into the real environment.

    XR encompasses Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Simulated Reality (SR) as well as other variations.

    Cloud XR brings together Cloud based technologies and XR to deliver superior experiences that revolutionise the consumption of content in both the consumer and the enterprise sectors.

    Telecom operators play an important role in delivering the capabilities required by XR such as edge computing, high data transfer, low latency all of which will be delivered through the deployment of 5G.

    Furthermore; the big storage and massive computing capabilities needs of XR are met by the deployment of Cloud technologies within operator 5G networks.

    You’re invited to join the Future Networks Programme at the 5G Cloud XR Summit where industry experts will discuss the following topics and more:

  • Identify the key use cases in Cloud XR
  • Investigate the value chain, stakeholders and business models
  • Share case studies and best practices
  • Pre-registration is now open. Please submit your details here to pre-register your place at the 5G Cloud XR Summit.

    eSIM Seminar; From specification to live products

    Time: 09:00 – 11:00

    This year’s eSIM seminar will explore the challenges in deploying eSIM and bringing devices to market. Has the launch of the first eSIM smartphones changed the paradigm? Senior managers from Operators, OEMs and EUMs, will provide case studies of market deployments covering devices to digitalization of the user journey. Followed by a panel to discuss 3 focus areas: deploying IOT, Security, Scalability and Connectivity.


    Senior Managers from the ecosystem

    Blockchain Networks & Shared Economy Model for Telcos

    Time: 11:30 – 13:30

    Blockchain has been an industry buzz word for a while now however the real value will be realised when the current hype gives way to some real impactful solutions. As per Gartner hype cycle we have left the peak of hype behind us and coming period will see lot of implementations particularly at the enterprise level.

    Telecom Industry has been exploring use of blockchain in multiple areas for varying use cases and there are use cases for inter carrier/ operator services which may benefit from a shared economy model with an industry wide standardised governance framework. The framework can be instrumental in providing the necessary impetus for driving economies of scale and building an ecosystem for facilitating multi-party value exchange.

    The session aims to explore implementation roadmaps for key industry use cases with focus on infrastructural requirements at enterprise/ industry level, review proposed governance frameworks and assess need for standardisation. The session would further identify pros and cons of a single vs multiple inter-carrier/operator blockchain networks and the standardised governance structure that might be needed to support such shared networks.

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