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LMT (Latvijas Mobilais Telefons)


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LMT is among the most efficient mobile data networks and latency champions in the world. We believe the future is mobile only. As a digital service provider LMT collaborates with government and academic institutions as well as startup ecosystem partners to develop use cases for a 5G-enabled future.
LMT demonstrates:
5G connected and automated intelligent transportation and mobility systems.
Mobile network-enabled UTM platform.
AI-powered rescue drones.
Home TV over a mobile-only network.
IoT narrow band/ LTE-M sensors.
Mobile-native business phone system.

LMT is a GLOMO Awards 2019 nominee in the “European 5G pioneer” and “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough” categories.



AI-powered rescue drone

The rescue drone aims to quickly provide emergency services with accurate and relevant information about the rescue site. Mounted with several sensors, drones are able to efficiently collect a large amount of data, process it quickly with the help of edge computing on the mobile network and deliver the information to the rescue service. Though artificial intelligence could support rescue missions in a variety of ways, we've identified two use cases to focus on; search missions and forest fires. Searches for missing persons often lead to locations that are difficult to access - both with limited lines of visibility, such as expansive forests, or locations where it's difficult for rescue service equipment to gain access or extremely expensive. In such situations, a drone equipped an infrared camera and trained with AI to recognize humans can be an enormous support.

Home TV delivered over the mobile network

Home TV delivered over the mobile network is a television product built on Android TV, with content that's both created and curated by the mobile operator - in this case, LMT. It is delivered through the mobile network ensuring HD streamed smart TV to homes, making use of fixed wireless data. It is an additional service that mobile operators are able to use to achieve multiple benefits: Create an additional revenue stream using existing network infrastructure Monetize unused network capacity Build relevancy by becoming more than a data transit platform LMT has already been providing home TV delivered over the mobile network for two years, proving that it is both technically possible while maintaining state-of-the-art KPIs, while also profitable. It currently functions on the 4G network, and will greatly benefit from 5G. The solution has been nominated for two GLOMO awards - 5G pioneers, as well as Best Mobile Breakthrough.

Smartmex - mobile native business phone solution

Smartmex is the world’s first mobile-native business phone system, which can fully replace traditional fixed office phone lines. Traditional office phone lines are an uncomfortable, expensive mess of wires that aren't able to offer the latest phone management opportunities. Meanwhile, IP telephony is tied to the data network, which can often lead to quality inconsistencies. By utilizing our back-end media management service, we have created a native business call system that combines the best features from both technologies - the reliability and call quality of traditional phone call systems, as well as the many call management opportunities provided by IP telephony. This project has already been implemented in a variety of markets. As a white label product, it is ideal for telecommunication operators to create a perfect SaaS product to offer to business, with a low CAPEX. The solution is white labeled and can be fully branded.

IoT sensor gateway and smart smoke alarm

These IoT projects both function on Narrow Band (NB) - IoT and LTE-M networks. One is an IoT universal sensor gateway - it can be retrofitted to sensors that have until now functioned on the GSM, 3G, 4G and other networks. We have also begun to test a new use case - the smart smoke alarm with the help of a variety of sensors can monitor air quality and even communicate to emergency services when rapid temperature increases are detected. NB-IoT and LTE-M are technologies that revolutionize how we interact with the Internet of Things. Some notable improvements include power efficiency, extended coverage, high connection density, and low cost. Currently, operators around the world have already or plan to offer these technologies to their clients - this is the time to make use of the available opportunities.

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