Custom Experiences: Reach Your Event ROI

What Is It?

The Custom Experience programme is our consultancy service addressing your company’s needs and ensuring you reach your event objectives during MWC Barcelona. We focus on working with you to identify your specific event requirements, key areas of interest, potential business partners and relevant activities to help you reach your company objectives.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Access to Exhibitors, Attendees and Peers: We provide curated access to our exhibitors, attendees and your peers based on mutual interests and goals.
  • Industry Expert and Consultants: We rely on our industry experts for their extensive knowledge and experience, strong facilitation and engaging presentation for every activity.
  • Networking: We facilitate new connections, strengthen relationships and establish foundations for stronger results as our team and consultants guide you through networking.

Our Custom Experience programme offers you a wide range of services including:

  • Learning Expeditions
  • Technology Deep Dive
  • Meeting Services
  • Networking and Speed Dating
  • Investment Opportunities

Who Is It for?

Our service is aimed at new and existing MWC attendees and exhibitors looking to maximise their investment and time during the event. The programme is also very relevant to companies bringing groups of attendees or companies from other industries, such as retail, finance/banking, tourism, media & entertainment, etc. who are trying to understand how the technology advancements apply to their business.

How Does It Work?

  • We arrange a consultation to understand your event business objectives
  • We identify the appropriate experts and industry leaders to facilitate your programme
  • We provide a clear roadmap based on your requirements
  • We plan and deliver your Custom Experience from beginning to end

Focus on your business priorities and leave the details to us. Let us know what your business requirements are and we will take care of the planning and designing your experience to make sure the event runs smoothly for you.

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New for 2019 – Meetings Services

Take the stress out of organizing, planning and arranging your key meetings during the event. Our team will help you identify the targets, create the short list of companies and titles and schedule the meetings with the right attendees during MWC Barcelona. Whether the meetings are focused on learning, networking or finding potential customers, we can provide the meetings that are right for your business.

Plan your Custom Experience

Focus on your business priorities and leave the details to us!

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