Best Mobile Innovation for Commerce

Whisbi for Whisbi Conversational Commerce Solution for Enterprises

The judges said – “Provides an engaging online experience more akin to a brick and mortar business, with real-time personalised services and a more streamlined purchasing process.”

Our solution simulates an in-store experience and helps brands explain better their offers or execute B2C webinars to all website visitors in real time. By providing human service online through the live video chat, combined with an intuitive chatbot engagement, we provide wider reach, scalability, lower cost (less expensive than telesales agents) and a face-to-face online experience (co-browsing, secure document sharing and real-time customer’s assistance online). The Whisbi experience is 100% browser and device agnostic and does not require any plugins or installation of any kind for the customer. It’s seamless, directly from the brand website.

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